ADD/ADHD Summer Tip

Welcome to my Blog! I am the mother of two teenage boys, one has ADD and one does not. They are as different as night and day. We go through many challenges each day, as I am sure everyone does that has children with or without ADD. Having children with ADD or ADHD lends itself to many new challenges, and we are still learning as we go.
Besides being a mother, I have experience as an elementary school teacher. This has allowed me to work with many children with ADD and ADHD, both medicated and not medicated. Through the years I have been able to come up with many strategies to help both my students and my family get through each day a little easier and turn negatives into positives.  I hope to share some of my strategies with you in my blogs.

Summer Tip:
With kids being out of school for summer, I know a lot of you may be having trouble motivating your kids to do even the things they have been planning to do. This is the case with my son. He has big plans for the summer in his head, but actually doing them is another story. Recently, I have felt as if I am having to force him to do things that he wants to do. This week we sat down together and made a list of the things that he wants to make sure to get done everyday. For example: yard work, practicing his music, reading, working out, etc.  I have him check his list periodically during the day. This has been helping him feel better at the end of each day, knowing that he has accomplished things that are important to him. He is much happier when he is busy and feels a sense of accomplishment.

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